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LAVENDER COTTAGE Natural Botanical Skincare Soaps & Teas

Lavender Renew Facial Cream - Wholesale (6 Jars)

Lavender Renew Facial Cream - Wholesale (6 Jars)

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Our NEW Lavender Renew Facial Cream is so hydrating and moisturizing for any skin type!  We've added extra benefits in the ingredients such as: Ceramides (helps lock moisture into the skin to prevent dryness and irritation), Panthenol (retains moisture, hydration, skin protectant and more), Green Tea Extract ( helps rosacea, skin aging, acne...)  You'll love the soft creamy feel of this Facial Cream!  All quality and natural ingredients made in small batches by us!

1.6oz/47ml - Glass Jar

Wholesale Pricing: 6 Jars @ $14.00 each = $84.00

Suggested Retail: $29.95 - $35.99

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