About Us

Bibiane Sproule: Owner/Formulator for Lavender Cottage Skincare Products

Graduate from School of Natural Skincare with specialty training in Natural Skincare Formulation as well as Botanical Formulating with Herbal Academy.


Breanna Sproule: Grower/Graduated From University of Guelph in Horticulture.  She loves to create natural soaps, assists in formulating natural skincare products and in the growing of the Botanical & Lavender Gardens.

Our Lavender Cottage Studio is located in Lister, BC (beautiful Creston Valley). We've been growing cut flowers for over 7 years and began creating our Botanical skincare 5 years ago.  Bibiane had previous skin challenges due to sensitivities and thus creating our own natural products and knowing what goes into each formula was the best decision! Taking the Natural Skincare Diploma course helped to understand what benefits different skin types, shelf life for products, learning to formulate with the best ingredients and more.  We love using our own products as a family and will continue to grow and expand our line of products.